Why does the way of Shaolin imitate god's creatures?

"To reach development of the mind through the disciple of the body."

According to Shaolin as pertaining to Kung Fu... what is most important?

"Respect teaching, respect Sifu, respect guidance, learn kindness, learn loyalty, learn Kung Fu."

What is self-defense?

"Avoid rather than check, check rather than hurt, hurt rather than maim, maim rather than kill.  For ALL life is of value... and no one has the right to take it away!"

If it is not the power of the fist or the foot that we train first, then what is it?

"It is the focused power of respect, discipline and self-control that we train first.  It is a focused power that promises to change lives forever!"

Is Kung Fu a violent art?

"No!  It is physical conditioning and mental training.  It is a beautiful art!  To kick with power, precision and control is an art!"

What does each animal teach us?

Tiger: "Strength, Tenacity and Fearlessness."
Crane: "Poise, Balance and Grace."
Leopard: "Speed and Power."
Snake: "Suppleness, Deception and Rhythmic Endurance."
Dragon: "To ride the winds (Achieve the impossible)."

How do we evaluate our Kung (skill)?

"By our ability to react to our environment."

How do we improve our Kung?

"By changing our environment to suit our own needs."

What are the eight goals of this system and explain?

DISCIPLINE: Training that is expected to produce specific character or pattern of behavior, especially training that produces moral or mental improvement.
HONOR: Personal integrity maintained without legal or other obligation.
INTEGRITY: Rigid adherence to a code of standard values.
RESPECT: To feel or show a different regard for; to esteem or show esteem.
SELF-CONTROL: Control of one's specific emotions, desires or actions by one's own personal will.
PERSEVERANCE: Continuing strength or patience, withstanding difficulties or resistance, striving for a goal. Keeping a course of action!
LOYALTY: Faithfulness to a person, ideal or custom.
PERCEPTION: Ability to foresee unseen possibilities. To expand one's conscious mind prior to action.