The Art

The Ancient Oriental Martial Art of Shaolin Lohan Kung Fu
* * * Rite of 35 Chambers * * *

The Lohan have been in existence for over 1,650 years in China and were the founders of the "White Lotus Society" authorized to teach non-Buddhist the secrets of Shaolin Kung Fu.

Shaolin monks are considered the foremost exponents of Martial Arts (Wushu) in China and abroad. Due to the extreme nature of their training they gained almost super-human abilities.

"Lohan" is a Chinese word derived from the Sanskrit word "Arhat" which means worthy one. There have been many controversies over what the Lohan were. In Northern China Lohan were described to be the "enlightened spirits" from the Honan Shaolin Temple. In Southern China the Lohan were considered to be renegade monks from the Fukien Siu Lum Temple.

Legend states that between 265AD and 520AD Da“ Mo (Bohidarhma) created Sho Pa Lo Han (18 Postures of Lohan). This was basically the foundation of many of the following styles that were established from that time period in Shaolin.

According to Buddhist tradition, monks were not allowed to leave the temple(s). How was it that the Buddhist Patriarch "Bohidarhma" was able to leave his temple in India? Interesting question. This was an interesting problem for the monks Shaolin also. How were they able to leave the temple(s) to conduct charitable missions, recruiting, etc.? The answer is quite simple. In very traditional Chinese fashion the monks of Shaolin created another sect to their order. This sect would be allowed to become the "Wandering Monks of China" heard of in legends and history.

These “Lohan“ wandered all over feudal China. During those many years, the monks acquired many different styles of Martial Arts. The Shaolin monks were (and still are) considered the foremost experts of Chuan Fa in China but they were not the sole people practicing the Martial Arts.

Also, during the late Ming Dynasty the Shaolin monks became concerned about the changes in their country. They knew that the up and coming Manchurian government would be coming after them. They wanted to teach non-Buddhist the Martial Arts that they had become so famous for to assist in protecting their way of life. Unfortunately, they were left with another problem. Non-Buddhist could not be taught the Martial Arts of their temple. Not without first converting. Therefore they commissioned the Lohan Sect for this task.

This tradition is the foundation of our system. We have many styles integrated into our own that are not solely Shaolin techniques. These sub-styles of the system have been modified with Shaolin philosophy and understanding.

There are 72 confirmed sects from the Shaolin Temples. Within those sects there are many different styles of Martial Arts. Not to mention that with so many people in one country the development of different understandings (systems) will happen. With this in mind there must be well over 2,500 different styles of Kung Fu in China alone.

The Martial Art of Shaolin Lohan Kung Fu consists of 35 Chambers of study listed below:

NOVICE CHAMBER(s) (Life Begins)

Chamber 1 -- Green Sash (Spring)
a.) Lohan Salutation
b.) 6 Novice Stances
c.) 1st Standard of Shaolin

Chamber 2 -- Blue Sash (Summer)
a.) 5 Novice Kicks
b.) 2nd Standard of Shaolin

Chamber 3 -- Purple Sash (Fall / Autumn)
a.) 10 Novice Break-Fall and Training Techniques
b.) 3rd Standard of Shaolin

Chamber 4 -- Purple Sash w/ Black Tassels (Winter)
a.) Shaolin Chuan
b.) 4th and 5th Standard of Shaolin
c.) Section 1 of the Bone Marrow Washing Chi Kung Kuen
d.) Transition Stance Training
e.) Bang-Arm Training
f.) Advancing & Retreating Strike Training

BEGINNER CHAMBER(s) (Sun is Below the Horizon)

Chamber 5 -- Black Sash
a.) 23 Labels of the Shantung Black Tiger Kuen
b.) 25 Beginner Kicks
c.) 8 Goals of the "Shaolin Lohan School of Kung Fu"
d.) 5 Animal Postures and Names
e.) 5 Beginner Stances
f.) 2 Beginner Break-Fall Techniques
g.) Philosophy Training
h.) 5th and 12th Section of the 10 Iron String Kuen (Disciples)
i.) Application to "Rising Dragon" from the 10 Iron String Kuen (Disciples)
j.) Huangse“ Gebei 6 Kick Combination (Disciples)
k.) Huangse“ Gebei Signature Multi-Gate Technique (Disciples)
j.) Gong Qui Kuen (Disciples)

BEGINNER / INTERMEDIATE CHAMBER(s) (Sun is Starting to Rise)

Chamber 6 -- Red Sash
a.) 34 Labels of the Shantung Black Tiger Kuen
b.) 4 Beginner/Intermediate Kicks
c.) Beginner/Intermediate Stance Training
d.) Breath and Stamina Training
e.) Philosophy Training
f.) Lohan Staff Kuen
g.) 2-Man Lohan Staff Kuen
h.) Lohan Lineage/History Introduction
i.) 10 Iron String Kuen (Disciples through Chamber 10)

Chamber 7 -- Red Sash w/ Black Tassels
a.) Chiang Chuan
b.) "Chi-Na" Training
c.) 6 Beginner/Intermediate Kicks
d.) Sequenced Tiger Training
e.) Philosophy Training
f.) Wrist and Grip Training
g.) Sponge Body Introduction/Training
h.) Chi Kung Break-Fall Training

Chamber 8 -- Red Sash w/ Red Tassels
a.) Shantung Black Tiger Kuen
b.) 6 Beginner/Intermediate Kicks
c.) Multi-Gate Bang-Arm Training
d.) "Chi-Sao" (Sensitivity) Training
e.) Chain Kick Training
f.) Philosophy Training
g.) Introduction to Meditation
h.) Combat Tactics and Application
i.) Break-Fall Training

Chamber 9 -- Red Sash w/ Orange Tassels and/or
Chamber 9 -- Red Sash w/ White Tassels ("Sihing" - Assistant Instructor)
a.) Lohan Spear Kuen
b.) 6 Beginner/Intermediate Kicks
c.) Philosophy Training
d.) Combat Tactics and Application
e.) Break-Fall Training
f.) 10 Iron String Kuen Completion (Disciples)

INTERMEDIATE CHAMBER(s) (Sun is Higher in the Sky)

Chamber 10 -- Orange Sash
a.) Lohan Chuan
b.) Intermediate Stance Training
c.) Intermediate Break-Fall Training
d.) 12 Intermediate Kicks
e.) Combat Applications and Sparring
f.) Eyebrow Staff Kuen
g.) Walking Staff Kuen
h.) Complete Lohan Lineage/History
i.) Light-Foot Kung Fu Training (Disciples)
j.) Drunken Gump Kuen (Disciples)
k.) Huangse“ Gebei Battle-Cane Training (Disciples)

Chamber 11 -- Orange Sash w/ Black Tassels
a.) Broadsword Kuen
b.) Broadsword and Shield Kuen
c.) 1 Spear vs. Broadsword Kuen
d.) Double Broadsword Kuen
e.) 12 Intermediate Kicks
f.) Huangse“ Gebei Nunchaku Training (Disciples)

Chamber 12 -- Orange Sash w/ Red Tassels
a.) Double-End Spear Kuen
b.) 12 Intermediate Kicks
c.) Intermediate Meditation Training
d.) Wide Short-Handle Broadsword Kuen
e.) Introduction to Pressure-Point Combat
f.) Double Dagger Kuen
g.) Huangse“ Gebei Double Nunchaku Training (Disciples)

Chamber 13 - Orange Sash w/ Orange Tassels
a.) White Crane Kuen
b.) Emei Dagger Kuen
c.) 12 Intermediate Kicks
d.) Long Handle Broadsword Kuen
e.) Eagle Claw Kuen (Disciples)
f.) Huangse“ Gebei Emei Dagger Training (Disciples)

Chamber 14 -- Orange Sash w/ Yellow Tassels and/or
Chamber 14 -- Orange Sash w/ White Tassels ("Sisuk" - Instructor)
a.) 2-Man Tiger vs. Crane Kuen
b.) Tiger/Crane Kuen
c.) Northern Leopard Kuen
d.) 12 Intermediate Kicks
e.) Butterfly Sword Kuen
f.) Double Hook Sword Kuen
g.) Intermediate Break-Fall Training
h.) Full Contact Combat Training
i.) Huangse“ Gebei Double Hook Swords Training (Disciples)
j.) Huangse“ Gebei Double Broadsword Training (Disciples)

ADVANCED CHAMBER(s) (Sun is Reaching it“s Zenith)

Chamber 15 -- Yellow Sash
a.) 9-Rings Lance Kuen
b.) 3-Sectional Staff Kuen
c.) 12 Advanced Kicks
d.) 9-Section Whip Kuen
e.) Tai Mantis Kuen (Disciples)
f.) Huangse“ Gebei 3-Sectional Staff Training (Disciples)
g.) Huangse“ Gebei 9-Section Whip Training (Disciples)

Chamber 16 -- Yellow Sash w/ Black Tassels
a.) Snake Kuen
b.) 12 Advanced Kicks
c.) Fan Kuen
d.) Advanced "Chi-Na" Training
e.) Iron Ring Kuen
f.) Advanced Philosophy Training
g.) Advanced Meditation Training
h.) Huangse“ Gebei Iron Fan Training (Disciples)
i.) Huangse“ Gebei Advanced Combat Training (Disciples)

Chamber 17 -- Yellow Sash w/ Red Tassels
a.) Wind-Fire Wheel Kuen
b.) Rope Dart Kuen
c.) 12 Advanced Kicks
d.) Meteor Hammer Kuen
e.) Huangse“ Gebei 9-Rings Lance Training (Disciples)
f.) Huangse“ Gebei Monk“s Spade Training (Disciples)

Chamber 18 -- Yellow Sash w/ Orange Tassels
a.) Quan-Dao Kuen
b.) Snake Tongue Wheel Kuen
c.) 12 Advanced Kicks
d.) Double Sided Halberd Kuen
e.) Advanced Break-Fall Training
f.) Huangse“ Gebei Quan-Dao Training (Disciples)

Chamber 19 -- Yellow Sash w/ Yellow Tassels
a.) Earth Dragon Kuen
b.) 12 Advanced Kicks
c.) Baton Kuen
d.) Spring Legs Training
e.) 4-Head Deer Horn Kuen
f.) 30 Standards of Shaolin

Chamber 20 -- Yellow Sash w/ White Tassels ("Sibok" - Senior Instructor)
a.) Pakua-Dao Kuen
b.) Straight sword Kuen
c.) Double Straight sword Kuen
d.) 3 Advanced Kicks
e.) Energy Training
f.) Heavenly Dragon Kuen
g.) Five Animal Kuen
h.) Standards of Teaching
i.) Huangse“ Gebei Straight sword Training (Disciples)

EXPONENT CHAMBER(s) (Sun has Reached it“s Zenith)

Chamber 21 -- White Sash ("Sifu"- Master Instructor)
a.) Break-Fall and Acrobatics Mastery Training

Chamber 22 -- White Sash w/ Black Tassels
a.) Weapons Mastery Training
b.) Combat Mastery Training

Chamber 23 -- White Sash w/ Red Tassels
a.) Sun Tai Chi Chuan

Chamber 24 -- White Sash w/ Orange Tassels
a.) Bone Marrow Washing Chi Kung

Chamber 25 -- White Sash w/ Yellow Tassels
a.) Shaolin Nei Dan Golden Bell Chi Kung

Chamber 26 -- White Sash w/ White Tassels
a.) Acupuncture Training

Chamber 27 -- White Sash w/ Grey Tassels
a.) Apothecary Training

MASTERY CHAMBER(s) (Sun Starts to Descend) / (25 Years Minimum)

Chamber 28 -- Grey Sash ("Sigung" - Grand Master)

Chamber 29 -- Grey Sash w/ Black Tassel ("Sigung" for 1 Year)

Chamber 30 -- Grey Sash w/ Red Tassel ("Sigung" for 5 Years)

Chamber 31 -- Grey Sash w/ Orange Tassel ("Sigung" for 9 Years)

Chamber 32 -- Grey Sash w/ Yellow Tassel ("Sigung" for 13 Years)

Chamber 33 -- Grey Sash w/ White Tassel ("Sigung" for 17 Years)

Chamber 34 -- Grey Sash w/ Grey Tassel ("Sigung" for 21 Years)


Chamber 35 -- Black Sash w/ White Tassel ("Sigung" for 25 Years)

The unity of Body, Mind and Spirit is the focus of this system. Each of the forms is designed to work both the external and internal areas of attention.

What do the animals teach us? Strength, Tenacity, Fearlessness, Poise, Balance, Grace, Speed, Power, Suppleness, Deception, Rhythmic Endurance and "To Ride the Winds!!"

This particular school of thought encourages growth through challenge and self-discipline. Those who find their place within the Art have a tendency to allow the system to enhance their entire lives.